The 5 Most Unforgettable Live Performances Of All Time

For all those people who love music, we have seen and heard a lot of individuals who performs great music on a live audience. Among all those performances there are some of it that no matter how much time passes by, we would not be able to forget it. Let’s go back in time and check the most unforgettable live performances of all time.

1. Stevie Ray Vaughan

He is part of the Double Trouble Band which performed in Montreux Jazz Festival dated 1982. Stevie’s performance left the crowd in awe and silence. Later on, the recorded performance earned a spot on his Live Alive album that reached platinum.


2. Greenday

Greenday is an incredibly talented band but the live performance of the group in Woodstock, New York dated 1994 was the highlight of their career. It was the performance that pushed their debut album to multiplatinum all over the globe.

3. Judas Priest

A band that struggles after Rob Halford left the band to go solo. People may call it destiny, but they eventually got reunited. Dated 2004, they played again at AWD Hall in Germany. It was the time when millions of fans heard the powerful voice of Rob Halford again in center stage.


4. The Who

It may be old school, but they were able to create some Guinness World Record when there were millions of fans attended their concert in the Isle of Wright. It was an excellent performance that rock music enthusiasts will never forget.

5. Michael Jackson

We all know how a great performer Michael Jackson was but the most unforgettable performance he ever made was in Motown. It was the time when he was reunited with the Jackson 5. The fans were delighted when he gave a solo performance of the famous Billie Jean.


Live performances are something hard to pull off even if you are already an experienced artist. There are great gigs that we can never forget no matter how long it has been.