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The 4 Songs That Will Make You Drive Like Crazy

People love to listen to music no matter what we do. There is no doubt that music is a great companion when we are driving around. Whether we are just taking a stroll, going to work or drive for a living, music is something that we love to have around our cars. Here is some music that can make you speed up a little bit more than the usual. These songs have that energy to make you feel good and drive like crazy.

Top 1: Ready, Steady, Go!


Paul Oakenfold sang it, and it has been used for several commercials and even racing tournaments. Why not? It has a great tune that will make you step on the gas even more. It is the kind of music that will put you in the mood to drive.

Top 2: Confusion

There may be another version of it, but the right track that made a significant impact to people behind the wheels is the version made by New Order. It was used for a movie called Blade. If you listen to it, it’s hard to stop yourself from going faster, but you got to get a grip before you get into any accident.

Top 3: Chop Suey

The song that was made famous by System of a Down or SoaD is a song that is guaranteed to keep you up on your toes if you are in a rush to go somewhere. The excellent thing about this music is that it will be able to help you stay up even on a long drive.

Top 4: Rollin’

We all know that Limp Bizkit made real good music. It is no surprise to see a song from them because if you listen to it, there is a different kind of adrenaline that makes you want to step on the gas while enjoying the groovy music.

Even if these songs can make you drive like a mad man, all of us should be cautious in making sure that we are safe. We must remember that we can listen to these songs a thousand times, but it can kill us and we only have one life.